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India Tower

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

India Tower Mumbai Hyatt_Le architecture
India Tower is a modern building mixed-used luxury residential development in Mumbai, India. India Tower has a design architecture that is truly unique, a masterpiece that is very beautiful and have great artistic value high. Tower is like arrangement of boxes on top of building. The design of this amazing tower designed by architect FXFOWLE. via


Dancing Towers

February 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Dancing Towers Contemporary Design_Le Architecture
Dancing Towers is the name given because the shape of the building like he was dancing, the architect of this building called the Signature Towers. Dancing Towers or the Signature Towers is a contemporary architectural building, is the outstanding work of Zaha Hadid magnificent, which is an office building, housing and hotel development in Dubai, UAE. The three towers design was striking design creates a new presence that punctures the skyline with a powerful recognizable silhouette. The fluid character of the towers is generated through an intrinsically dynamic composition of volumes. The building design are inter-twined to share programmatic elements and rotate to maximize the views from the site towards the creek and neighbouring developments. The design quality of the towers to act as a symbol and icon extends beyond their scale and location. via

Dancing Towers Modern Design_Le ArchitectureDancing Towers Exterior_Le ArchitectureDancing Towers Exterior View from below_Le ArchitectureDancing Towers Modern Outdoor Design_Le ArchitectureDancing Towers Contemporary Lobby_Le ArchitectureDancing Towers Connection Setting_Le ArchitectureDancing Towers Atrium Setting_Le ArchitectureDancing Towers Exterior View from far_Le Architecture