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Contemporary Bathrooms by Altamarea

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Contemporary Bathrooms by Altamarea_Le architecture
This is the interior design for bathrooms that comes from Altamarea Bath. The design comes from Altamarea Bath is a modern design with equipment and accessories that has a specific contemporary designs produced by their. From this design is able to create the impression of elegance and luxury in the bathroom and shower make you feel free and comfortable. via

Modern Bathrooms of Altamarea_learchitecture


Contemporary Bathrooms from Mapini

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Bathroom Design by Mapini_Le Architecture
Mapini is a company has inherits experience in the treatment of the massive wood, located in Mallorca, Spain. This company has products design was designed so that they are unique pieces. These are some the modern bathrooms design of this company. With products, furniture and other good and also the interior design of this company have, you can maximize space in your bathroom. So a wonderful job of bathroom designs, with a beautiful layout. via

Bathroom Setting by Mapini_Le ArchitectureContemporary Bathroom by Mapini_Le ArchitectureContemporary Bathroom Design by Mapini_Le ArchitectureContemporary Bathroom Setting by Mapini_Le ArchitectureModern Bathroom by Mapini_Le ArchitectureModern Bathroom Design by Mapini_Le ArchitectureModern Bathroom Setting by Mapini_Le Architecture

Contemporary Bathrooms by Stemik Living

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Bathrooms Design by Stemik Living_Le Architecture
This is a modern interior design bathroom interior designed with typical Italian style. The bathroom that you see now is a bathroom designed by Stemik Living, a company that provides wide range modern furniture based in Italy. via

Bathrooms by Stemik Living_Le ArchitectureBathrooms Style by Stemik Living_Le ArchitectureContemporary Bathrooms by Stemik Living_Le ArchitectureContemporary Bathrooms Design by Stemik Living_Le ArchitectureModern Bathrooms by Stemik Living_Le ArchitectureModern Bathrooms Design by Stemik Living_Le ArchitectureModern Bathrooms Style by Stemik Living_Le Architecture
For more details come to website Stemik Living.

Contemporary Bathrooms by Lasa Idea

February 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Contemporary Bathrooms by Lasa Idea_Le Architecture
Lasa Idea is an Italian company that concentrates in the field of furniture and interior design bathroom. This is an example of modern contemporary design, is the model interior design designed by Lasa Idea. In the other Lasa Idea company has produces all kinds of furniture and ceramics for modern bathrooms. via
Design Interior Bathrooms by Lasa Idea_Le ArchitectureMariposa by Lasa Idea_Le Architecture

Contemporary Bathrooms

February 7, 2011 1 comment

Contemporary Bathrooms_Applied on Floor and Wall_Le architecture
These are contemporary style bathroom designs. Design as model Europe modern represented by Italian designers model. Elegant, beautiful, neat, the room to look fresh, and room to look big, when this interior are offered by ToscoQuattro go fill to the space. via
Contemporary Bathrooms_Applied on Wall_Le architectureContemporary Bathrooms_Green Impression on Space_Le architectureContemporary Bathrooms_Maximization Space_Le architecture