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Contemporary Artprints

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Artlivingroom_Le architecture
These art prints are created by Hough Waves, for decoration interiors at your space room. This is a artprints design that has a modern style, very suitable for applied in the living room to the decoration to add impression luxurious and elegance on your living room, or you can also put in place easily traversed by many people, such as office waiting room, the office hallway, lobby, etc. via

Artprint Setting _Le architecture
Artwork Design_Le architecture
Contemporary Artwork_Le architecture


Contemporary Bathrooms by Altamarea

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Contemporary Bathrooms by Altamarea_Le architecture
This is the interior design for bathrooms that comes from Altamarea Bath. The design comes from Altamarea Bath is a modern design with equipment and accessories that has a specific contemporary designs produced by their. From this design is able to create the impression of elegance and luxury in the bathroom and shower make you feel free and comfortable. via

Modern Bathrooms of Altamarea_learchitecture

Contemporary Interiors of Pianca

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Contemporary Interior of Pianca_Le architecture
Pianca is modern furniture Italian company has systems and complements, and all they design made in Italy. These manufacture has motto proposes systems for the day area, with the collections Spazio and People. These are some product design and contemporary interiors space designs from Pianca. via
Interior Setting of Pianca_Le architecture
Modern Interior of Pianca_Le architecture

Valore & Lunetto

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Valore Bed1_Le ArchitectureThe Valore Bed and Lunetto Bed is a two-bed model designed by Team7. With Valore Bed you can to offers natural, healthy and comfortable sleep in a Mediterranean style, bed design has a connection that is made of metal-free which will testify to the highest level of craftsmanship, and this bed has available three models of headboard. Whereas Lunetto Bed has smaller thickness which are available in futon height, standard height and deluxe height, makes them appear particularly light. Both the bed design are available with a wooden or leather headboard. via

Valore Bed2_Le ArchitectureValore Bed3_Le ArchitectureLeather Lunetto Bed_Le ArchitectureWood Lunetto Bed_Le Architecture

ANdAZ Hotel

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

ANdAZ Hotel Building_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel is the first of Hyatt Hotels, located adjacent to Liverpool Street Station, the hotel provides easy access to areas both in and around London, England, with good connections to the Eurostar terminal at St. Pancras and all major airports, including a direct connection on the Stansted Express to Stansted airport. The ANdAZ Hotel is modern hotel has contemporary interior design, if once inside, you are transported into the 21st century, with wonderful amenities and interior design that is designed to create the ultimate hotel experience and impression of elegance. via

ANdAZ Hotel Exterior_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Inteior Setting_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Interior_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Lounge_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel King Bedroom_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Sitting Room_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Large Suite_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Suite Setting_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Bar_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel 1901 Bar_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel 1901 Dining Room_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Restaurant Setting_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Eastway Restaurant _Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Bathroom Setting_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Bathroom_Le architecture

Contemporary Bathrooms from Mapini

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Bathroom Design by Mapini_Le Architecture
Mapini is a company has inherits experience in the treatment of the massive wood, located in Mallorca, Spain. This company has products design was designed so that they are unique pieces. These are some the modern bathrooms design of this company. With products, furniture and other good and also the interior design of this company have, you can maximize space in your bathroom. So a wonderful job of bathroom designs, with a beautiful layout. via

Bathroom Setting by Mapini_Le ArchitectureContemporary Bathroom by Mapini_Le ArchitectureContemporary Bathroom Design by Mapini_Le ArchitectureContemporary Bathroom Setting by Mapini_Le ArchitectureModern Bathroom by Mapini_Le ArchitectureModern Bathroom Design by Mapini_Le ArchitectureModern Bathroom Setting by Mapini_Le Architecture

Modern Kids Bedrooms

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Contemporary Kids Bedroom Design_Le Architecture
These are contemporary interior bedroom design model. Bedroom interior model here is for the kids, the interiors design and furniture which there so charming and beautiful to make the children become comfortable. This modern kids bedrooms design are coming from Berloni. via

Modern Children's Bedroom_Le ArchitectureModern Kids Bedroom Design_Le Architecture