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Valore & Lunetto

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Valore Bed1_Le ArchitectureThe Valore Bed and Lunetto Bed is a two-bed model designed by Team7. With Valore Bed you can to offers natural, healthy and comfortable sleep in a Mediterranean style, bed design has a connection that is made of metal-free which will testify to the highest level of craftsmanship, and this bed has available three models of headboard. Whereas Lunetto Bed has smaller thickness which are available in futon height, standard height and deluxe height, makes them appear particularly light. Both the bed design are available with a wooden or leather headboard. via

Valore Bed2_Le ArchitectureValore Bed3_Le ArchitectureLeather Lunetto Bed_Le ArchitectureWood Lunetto Bed_Le Architecture


Corson Lofts

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Corson Lofts_Le ArchitectureCorson Lofts is modern building architecture was designed by PB Elemental, were built in the Georgetown neighborhood for recent residential development in Seattle, Washington. Design wall of windows line the living room double height space to maximize the daylight as well as blend with the industrial context to region around. This building has featuring twenty foot ceilings, exposed glulam beams, radiant heated concrete floors and open riser wood stairs with stainless steel railings. Design of made such that roofs slope toward the gravel driveway where the rainwater is collected. The front homes are connected with a common deck and a yard, while the rear unit has a more private open space. via
Modern Architecture Corson Lofts_Le ArchitectureCorson Lofts Interior_Le ArchitectureCorson Lofts Interior Setting_Le ArchitectureCorson Lofts Interior Design_Le Architecture

Logic Lounge Chair

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Logic Lounge Chair Design_Le Architecture
Logic Lounge Chair is the modern lounge chair design was designed by Charles Delano Co. Timber frame design of which is owned by this design is the design of contemporary furniture is so artistic and unique, making this chair has artistic value, and there is foam wrapped with wood patterned fabrics create a comfort when occupied. It is interesting to have, and can add to the beauty of space if have seats there. If you want to have it you can look at Vivavi. via

Wave Wine Rack

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Wave Wine Rack Design_Le ArchitectureThe Wave Wine Rack is the modern rack for storage of wine made with a contemporary design, so it can be put in places that are seen by people. This rack has unique shape like wave, of wavy shape so that wine bottles can to be put on there. This is designed from Swissmar. via

ANdAZ Hotel

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ANdAZ Hotel Building_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel is the first of Hyatt Hotels, located adjacent to Liverpool Street Station, the hotel provides easy access to areas both in and around London, England, with good connections to the Eurostar terminal at St. Pancras and all major airports, including a direct connection on the Stansted Express to Stansted airport. The ANdAZ Hotel is modern hotel has contemporary interior design, if once inside, you are transported into the 21st century, with wonderful amenities and interior design that is designed to create the ultimate hotel experience and impression of elegance. via

ANdAZ Hotel Exterior_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Inteior Setting_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Interior_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Lounge_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel King Bedroom_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Sitting Room_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Large Suite_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Suite Setting_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Bar_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel 1901 Bar_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel 1901 Dining Room_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Restaurant Setting_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Eastway Restaurant _Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Bathroom Setting_Le architectureANdAZ Hotel Bathroom_Le architecture

The Knot #19 Sculpture

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The Knot #19 Sculpture Design_Le Architecture
This is contemporary sculpture design made by stainless steel material, was designed by Damon Hildreth. This design is inspired by the story that in ancient times the Gordian Knot was displayed in the temple of the city of Phrygia in Asia Minor. It was prophesied by the Oracle of Delphi that the one to untie this intricate knot of bark would become the king of all of Asia. via

The Knot #19 Sculpture_Le ArchitectureKnot #19 Sculpture Design_Le Architecture

Stand Up

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Stand Up Lighting_Le Architecture
Stand Up are the modern model and design lighting was designed by Hopf + Wortmann. The Stand Up was manufactured of Elmar Flototto. With its beautiful design of this lamp can be put in place or space that you think will be highlighted impression of luxury and romance. via

Stand Up of Elmar Floetotto_Le Architecture